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Skydiver, Breast Cancer and Heart Attack Survivor, Iron Girl Triathlete, Author, Business Owner – Read More

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My story of turning from petrified to professional. Read More

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Why Work With Martha

Martha delivers an empowering and relatable message that is relevant, authentic and entertaining. She is punctual, low maintenance and a team player, committed to supporting you in having a high quality, memorable event.
Martha uses storytelling skills that anchor the key points of her message. Your audience is treated to an entertaining yet powerful performance where they are drawn into the stories through the use of emotion, humor, facial expressions, body language and audience participation. Her message is unique because it is based on her own personal experiences, which resonate with each person in a different way. They will remember not just Martha, but also your event because the messages from her stories are unforgettable.
Martha utilizes the three main communication styles. Auditory communicators listen intently noting the changes in the inflection, tone and pace of her voice. Visual communicators are drawn to her expressions, gestures and movements. Kinesthetic communicators feel and experience the emotions as if they are part of the story themselves.

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Martha has been privileged to share her messages with audiences of all sizes, from as few as 20 to over 1000, from corporations and associations to universities and governmental agencies.
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