12 Ways To Be Resilient When You Have the Flu – Martha Lanier

My first warning signs that I might have the flu started with a sore throat, constant coughing and aching muscles and joints. Known for being resilient, I created a plan of action. Hopefully these tips will help you if you find yourself coming face-to-face with the flu.

1. Keep a positive mindset and don’t fight it. Stay positive and accept the fact you’re going to be out of pocket until you totally recover.

2. Notify your doctor of your symptoms and see if she have any suggestions.beautiful girl with allergies

3. Accept the fact you’re going to drink so much water you think you’re going to grow gills.

4. Have on hand an antihistamine to dry up congestion, a thermometer, something to reduce fever, something for a cough, cough drops, a box of tissues, a wastebasket, the TV remote, your cables and chargers for your cell phone, iPad and laptop.

5. Have the mindset that you will not get any work done. Just having everything close by will help you feel better. And if you do actually get something done, that will be a bonus.

6. Stay in bed, rest and give your body a chance to heal and recover. This will not just contain your germs to one room and not contaminate everyone else in your home, but will also help you get better.

7. Take frequent naps, but not too lengthy because you will get your days and nights mixed up. The only thing on TV during the middle of the night are infomercials about exercise equipment, cleaning devices, beautify products to make your skin look younger, your hair silkier and your complexion clearer. You’ll also learn about gadgets you never dreamed existed. All for dollars a day and a money back guarantee.

8. Eat fruit, soups and other foods that are nutritious. This will help you maintain some of your strength.

9. Use this time to clean our your email boxes, learn about social media or anything else that interests you

10. Write blogs and posts for social media

11. Because laughing is the best medicine, start recording new and past shows of American’s Funniest Videos. This gives you something to laugh about even in the middle of the night.

12. When you start feeling better, pace yourself by gradually easing back into your routine. A relapse is far worse than the first round of being sick.

What are some of the things you do to help your recover when you are sick?

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