Don’t Allow Negative Influences to Deplete Your Energy

How often have you been in a good mood, upbeat and positive when someone or something totally shifts the way you are feeling? You become tense or on edge. You may feel your energy has been zapped or maybe it’s like a slow leak that won’t stop.

This could be caused by exposure to negative influences. It could be the result of watching a violent or dark movie. Today what is shown on TV can also generate these same feelings. Just turn on the news and you’ll see one violent story after another. Unfortunately positive, uplifting segments don’t sell or appeal to the majority of the viewing audience. Even reading disturbing articles or books can subconsciously be a huge energy drain.

Have a plan in mind before this happens. Perhaps it is to walk away, or perhaps suggest an alternative. If others are involved, speak up and tell them how you feel. You can always excuse yourself and leave the situation. Be selective about what you allow yourself to see and read.

Do you have a game plan or what you can say or how you can divert negative situations? Plan ahead and you will be ready. Remember that no one can make you do something you don’t want to do. Have the courage to speak up and the confidence to follow through.