12 Ways To Be Resilient When You Have the Flu – Martha Lanier

My first warning signs that I might have the flu started with a sore throat, constant coughing and aching muscles and joints. Known for being resilient, I created a plan of action. Hopefully these tips will help you if you find yourself coming face-to-face with the flu. Read more


Heart Disease, Women and Stress

In 2009 I was admitted to the coronary intensive care unit diagnosed with having had a heart attack. After learning that heart disease is the number one cause of death for women, I was thankful to be alive. My diagnosis was Stress Cardiomyopathy. February is the month when the American Heart Association raises awareness of heart disease. Today women are more stressed than ever. Send a response and share what stresses you the most. Click Subscribe to learn more about how to avoid having a heart attack.