Professional Experiences

In 2000 I left my corporate job to start a personal coaching practice. Deep down inside, I had always had a strong desire to help others. During the next two years I developed a lucrative coaching business and also being asked to speak at meetings and small events. This is how my speaking career started, not necessarily by choice, but by chance. However there was one major problem … to say I was petrified is an understatement! I am concerned about what people think of me, what will they think about my accent or what if I forget what I am supposed to say?

At one particular event I will never forget how I felt when I glanced out at the faces of the women in the audience and saw how tired and stressed they looked. This is when my focus shifted from “me” to “them.” My one and only goal for the next 60 minutes was to make them laugh, forget their problems and remember at least one tip that would make their life more enjoyable.