Why People Quit Exercising – Martha Lanier


Today is January 31st, one month into your goals for the year. How many of you made a commitment to exercise regularly? OK, how many have not stuck with it? You want to know why it is hard?

  1. You may not have had a specific plan or schedule so you don’t feel totally committed
  2. Maybe you feel guilty because you spent more money on memberships, athletic clothes or workout equipment than you feel you should have
  3. You may feel like it is too time consuming
  4. Maybe your expectations were set too high because you you thought it would be easy
  5. You haven’t lost the 5 pounds you thought you would lose in 5 days
  6. You may feel too tired or you’re just not in the mood
  7. Now that you’re started, you find the excitement and newness are gone
  8. Maybe you don’t like to sweat
  9. You also don’t enjoy having sore muscles
  10. You don’t enjoy any part of exercising

If you are no longer motivated to exercise, think about what you’ve been doing for the past month and evaluate what parts of it you like and what parts you don’t like.

Be open to try different forms of exercises until you find one you DO enjoy. Because if you enjoy it, you will do it. Trust me you will feel better, look better, sleep better, have more energy which means you will be more productive and mainly ….. you WILL be healthier.

Click on Comments and let me know how you are doing or if you would like a frequent reminder to help you stay on track or send me an email at martha@marthalanier.com.

I wish the you the best of success and know you can definitely do it!


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