women having a heart attack


Heart attack symptoms may feel different for women – Martha Lanier

Panting heart 100 pix wideWith heart disease being the number one cause of death for women, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves and know the symptoms. We are all familiar with severe chest pain, numbness down the left arm and maybe even jaw pain. Women may experience some of these, but traditionally these are what many men feel.

For women the experience may be totally different and particularly not as obvious. We might feel slight pressure in our chest, like indigestion. What woman hasn’t experienced this? It’s no wonder because we often eat on the run and swallow our food whole so we won’t be late or waste valuable time. We may have severe nausea and think it might just be a virus; after all, there is always something like going around. We could pick it from children, grocery cart handles, elevator buttons or who knows what else. We just may feel totally exhausted, zapped of our energy. With overloaded daily routines that start early in the morning and don’t let up until our head hits the pillow late at night, who doesn’t feel exhausted.

Several years ago my husband insisted he drive me to the emergency room because these were the exact symptoms I was having. I was not only shocked but devastated when I was admitted to coronary intensive care diagnosed with a heart attack.

You owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to know all of the symptoms a woman can experience when having a heart attack. Know you body and when in doubt, get checked out.