For the past ten years I have enjoyed building a business I totally enjoy. It has not always been easy, but I have been able to do exactly what I enjoy doing. In the years since I first started my company, the biggest change has been in social media marketing. Why is it that for some of us this is extremely difficult and for others it is a breeze? This brings me to today a day marked on my calendar when I would post my first blog. I had procrastinated doing this for a long, long time. You would have thought I had set a goal to write a 1,000 page book. It has been three months since my web designer created the template. Last month I invested a full day in an intensive course on how to write my blog posts. I took pages of notes on everything I should and should not do.

Why am I making this so hard? Ah, I am a speaker, not a writer by nature, who uses facial expressions to clarify an emotion, my hands and arms to demonstrate characters in my stories and my body to move closer and interact with members of the audience. I feed off of them when I see their faces, watch their body language and, what I enjoy the most, hear them laugh. I don’t experience any of this when I am sitting alone at my computer starring at a blank screen. Someone told me I am making this far too difficult and suggested I just start writing and focus on sharing thoughts based on my experiences.

I can’t believe I have just finished writing my first post. If you have a blog, I would enjoy knowing what inspires you to write?

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