Top 10 Favorite Things That Make You Happy

iStock_000026837842Small2-150x150When I ask audiences to share five of their favorite things to do that make them happy, there is a long pause. Next I’ll ask what they don’t like or makes them unhappy. Immediately they all start commenting. Their list appears to be endless. People don’t automatically know what they like, because they simply do no take the time to give it much thought. Here are several things on my list.

Early in the morning when it is still dark and quiet
Sharing a good belly laugh with a friend.
Walking on the trail by the river
Holding a purring cat on my lap
Taking a long hot shower
Long walks on the beach
Riding in a speed boat on a nice sunny day
Sitting in front of a warm fire
Acting silly with my grandchildren
Watching America’s Funniest Videos

Think of ten or more things you enjoy? The next time you are feeling frustrated, tired or overwhelmed, just take a deep breath and read your list. It will put a smile on your face and give you something to look forward to doing. Change your thinking and you will change your mood.

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